Credit Card Debt


When facing money trouble, many people turn to credit cards as a safety net. This is a short-term choice that causes more problems than solutions.

Credit card debt can quickly become overwhelming you and cause even more financial peril than you were initially facing.

When you start paying credit card bills with other credit cards, or paying your home or car loan with a credit card, you are digging a financial hole that is hard to escape.

When a credit card payment is missed, the creditor harassment starts. When you miss a payment on one credit card, it sends up a red flag to the other credit card companies. You will immediately sense a change in tone and the persistence of your creditors as they begin harassing you for payments.

As an experienced credit card debt attorney, I have counseled and represented clients struggling through financial woes since 1991.

Fortunately, you have options.

The Bankruptcy Code was developed as a safety net. By availing yourself of this process, you can escape crushing debt, stop creditor harassment and get the fresh start you deserve.

Unsecured credit card debt is quickly and effectively dealt with through bankruptcy.

In Chapter 7, this debt is eliminated immediately. In Chapter 13, you will be required to pay back a portion of the debt over three or five years. In both instances, creditor harassment, wage garnishment, pending lawsuits and the threat of repossession will end.

It is wise to contact my office as soon as you feel that your financial control is slipping away. Together, we can determine what solution is best for you and start you on a new path to financial freedom.