Mortgage Foreclosure


Mortgage Foreclosure

When facing financial distress, the monthly mortgage payment is the single biggest drain on a paycheck. It is not uncommon for people to sacrifice the house payment to pay other bills or buy food for the family.

When these decisions start popping up on a regular basis, it is time to contact a skilled lawyer to discuss your options in bankruptcy.

I have guided clients with even the most complex financial troubles to a fresh beginning. Often, this entails filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Clients sometimes want to explore other options through my office, including:

  • Foreclosure defense: It is not uncommon for a bank or lender to hastily prepare foreclosure paperwork. If this paperwork does not follow the exact guidelines, it might be possible to defend against foreclosure. I will examine the documents to ensure the right affidavits were signed and witnessed and proper procedures were followed.
  • Loan modification: In many situations, the lender wants your payments more than it wants your house. It might be possible to reach an agreement that modifies the terms of your mortgage. In some situations it is possible to negotiate a new monthly payment or a new APR, or roll your missed mortgage payments to the end of your term.

I will carefully examine your finances and present your options. While foreclosure defense and loan modification might seem like attractive options, they sometimes simply delay the inevitable.

You might find debt relief through bankruptcy. I can provide a realistic assessment of your situation and advise you on your next steps. Contact my office today to schedule a confidential consultation.