Do I Go Before A Judge?

When you’re considering a bankruptcy proceeding, whether it’s chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or some other process, a lot of questions might apply.

It’s not just a matter of signing a piece of paper.

Some people with a very basic understanding of bankruptcy might imagine that you just declare bankruptcy, and that’s the end of it.

In reality, this is a bureaucratic process that you don’t do all in one day – there’s a legal process to follow, and it can be complicated.

Bankruptcy in Court

So back to that very fundamental question that so many people are asking when they finally start to really consider filing for bankruptcy.

In the state of Minnesota, you do go to court for what’s called a 341 court hearing for bankruptcy.

The good news is many of these hearings are extremely short – as short as 3 to 5 minutes in duration – and if you have a professional bankruptcy attorney, he or she can come with you.

So that’s your answer – however, like so much else in the bankruptcy process, it is prone to changes.

The bankruptcy process, including court dates and hearings, is something that changes on a state-by-state basis. Courts can change how they do things over time – new laws go into place, and new bureaucratic processes emerge. For that matter, coronavirus has been dramatically impactful on the legal process, which is in some ways the quintessential bureaucracy.

So how do you navigate this process?

Moshier Law Office PPC is here for our clients to advise them on every step of the bankruptcy filing process.

From the paper to the courtroom and beyond, we offer the type of professional and attentive representation that clients need when they are trying to affect these financial strategies that have an impact on their lives.

It’s your money – and we know that. We understand the emotional and psychological effects of bankruptcy, and how to help guide someone through, and what that process usually looks like – and when you are on the challenging end of this process, it’s a relief to have that guidance!

Let us be by your side in a formal bankruptcy proceeding, and we will do the required research and discovery work to provide good representation in court.

Don’t trust your finances to anything less than a professional and dedicated bankruptcy attorney who knows local courts and statutes! Talk to Moshier Law about what you’re facing, what you are thinking in terms of options, and what you need in terms of professional counsel.