Competent and Effective Bankruptcy Counsel

What do you want from a bankruptcy lawyer? 

If it’s somebody with the acumen to take on any kind of financial situation, along with a personal touch and a  reputation for excellence, contact the office of Becky Moshier in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We are a top local firm with the  resources to help you to achieve your goals with a personal or small business bankruptcy.  

Understanding the Rules of the Game 

First and foremost, a good bankruptcy lawyer has to be able to guide you through a somewhat complex process. 

Lots of people know about your basic FICO credit score, but they’re often a lot less sure about how bankruptcies  work. 

In bankruptcy work, there are a lot of moving pieces and time-related statutes to consider. For example, we often  explain to clients that chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies can stay on a credit report for up to 10 years. 

Then there is the timeline for getting a bankruptcy process through court. Last month, we wrote a more detailed blog  post talking about the court hearings typically recommended for certain types of bankruptcy filings.

These are some  of the more concrete aspects of the process – that require scheduling and other logistics.  

Of course, then, the client has to be informed about how they will pay creditors in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case.  That’s a process that can take some close contact and time-investment on both sides.  

A Sympathetic Ear 

In our opinion, a good bankruptcy attorney also has to know how to listen. 

Bankruptcy is an emotional and trying time for many people who find themselves utilizing this option. 

And as mentioned above, they will have questions about the process…specific questions that require a professional  explanation. Court rules, for example, differ in different jurisdictions, and that alone will complicate the process of a  lay person understanding how a process works in a given court.  

That combination requires someone who is skilled at communicating, good at listening and good at laying things out  in a sympathetic way. 

As with other kinds of law, in bankruptcy it’s very true that you want someone who is on your side helping you to seek  out your rights under the law. Come to a woman-owned business with a great track record in the Twin Cities community. We strive to help our  clients to make the most of the options they have, and to work through a bankruptcy in an effective and practical way.