Things You Can Do To Bounce Back After Bankruptcy

There are few things as difficult as making the decision to file for bankruptcy. When financial obligations start to overwhelm you and trying to pay your monthly minimums feels nearly impossible, filing bankruptcy is usually a good option. You need to realize that filing for bankruptcy won’t affect your ability to get lines of credit … Continued

Competent and Effective Bankruptcy Counsel

What do you want from a bankruptcy lawyer?  If it’s somebody with the acumen to take on any kind of financial situation, along with a personal touch and a  reputation for excellence, contact the office of Becky Moshier in Minneapolis/St. Paul. We are a top local firm with the  resources to help you to achieve … Continued

Do I Go Before A Judge?

When you’re considering a bankruptcy proceeding, whether it’s chapter 7 or Chapter 13 or some other process, a lot of questions might apply. It’s not just a matter of signing a piece of paper. Some people with a very basic understanding of bankruptcy might imagine that you just declare bankruptcy, and that’s the end of … Continued

Four Important Types Of Minnesota Bankruptcy Exemptions

“It’s my money!” – yes, we know that this is a difficult thing to go through. The money  that you spend to file a bankruptcy, though, can be among the best investments you’ve  ever made in anything. We know that a bankruptcy only tells a small part of the story  about your financial history, and … Continued

Five Triggers Of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

As we help individuals work through different types of bankruptcies including Chapter 13 bankruptcy situations, we see what they struggle with, and how they strategically use bankruptcy options to manage their financial futures. Here are some of the life events and changes that can require this type of bankruptcy filing. Bankruptcy and Divorce It’s no … Continued

Signs That You Need To Consider Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In the past year, people around the world have felt the financial crunch of living through a global pandemic. In the United States, over 522,000 people filed for bankruptcy in 2020. Many of these people dealt with years of financial problems before making a decision to file for bankruptcy. If you are struggling to keep … Continued